Telegraph's beers are specifically crafted to pair well with food. Santa Barbara is the culinary heart and soul of California's South-Central Coast, benefiting from an abundance of rich agricultural valleys just over the Santa Ynez hills. Enjoy our beers with fresh seafood, grilled meats, and strongly flavored cheeses. Better still, pack Telegraph's ales in your picnic basket and enjoy our region's perfect weather along with a wonderful meal al fresco.


California Ale (Alcohol by volume: 6.2%; O.G.: 15° P / 1.059):

Telegraph California Ale is our flagship beer and is our interpretation of the unique ales that were commonly brewed up and down the West Coast in the 19th century. It is an unfiltered medium-bodied beer, with a rich amber color and a rocky, white head. The beer is crafted using domestic American ingredients and fermented with a unique yeast strain that accentuates the hoppy spiciness, while also imparting fruity and subtly tart flavors. The aromas are spicy and earthy, reminiscent of the rich agricultural valleys surrounding Santa Barbara.

Gold Medal, 2011 Great American Beer Festival, Belgian- and French-Style Ale

Bronze Medal, 2013 Great American Beer Festival, Belgian- and French-Style Ale

Rated "A-", Beer Advocate Magazine, Issue #30

Named one of "27 of our Favorite Beers", Los Angeles Times, Sept. 2010


Stock Porter (Alcohol by volume: 5.7%; O.G.: 14° P / 1.056):

Staying true to original porter brewing techniques, Telegraph Stock Porter is dark and complex, yet eminently drinkable, revealing a tantalizing combination of coffee, vanilla, and chocolate aromas married to a fruity, refreshing acidity. The name "Stock Porter" was the moniker 19th century pub keepers gave to the more expensive Porter that had been aged in their beer cellars, as opposed to "Mild Porter", which was a less complex, less expensive, and less characterful brew.

Rated "A-", Beer Advocate Magazine, Issue #30

Silver Medal Winner, 2008 Los Angeles International Beer Competition

Bronze Medal Winner, 2007 Los Angeles International Beer Competition


White Ale (Alcohol by volume: 4.5%; O.G.: 11° P / 1.044):

A classic, unfiltered Belgian-style white ale brewed with coriander, orange peel, and locally grown chamomile flowers. It is called "white ale" because of the pale, cloudy color. A light aroma of orange and a zesty mouthfeel ensure that Telegraph White Ale is the perfect accompaniment to long summer days and fresh, flavorful farmer's market cuisine.

Named one of the "Top 25 Beers of 2010", Wine Enthusiast Magazine, Dec. 2010


Los Padres Saison (Alcohol by volume: 7.0%; O.G.: 15.4° P / 1.062):

An unfiltered, dry-hopped Belgian saison, our Los Padres Saison is a beer we're sure our fathers would be proud of. Redolent with grassy and fresh-grapefruit hop aromas, a pilsner malt bill balances the beer perfectly. A hint of clove and a peppery, spicy, dry finish make this a very satisfying beer.


Prime Meridian (Alcohol by volume: 7.5%; O.G.: 15.8° P / 1.064):

Prime Meridian is a hoppy Belgian ale that highlights the unique character of Meridian hops. Meridians produce bright tropical fruit aromas that gracefully compliment the flavor profile of our house yeast. The addition of Saaz and Cascade hops provide a dynamic overall hop complexity. With a dry, bitter finish, this beer is guaranteed to slake your thirst and gratify your taste buds.


Cipher Key Session Ale (Alcohol by volume: 4.0%; O.G.: 10.2° P / 1.041):

A "session ale" is a beer that is both light in alcohol and interesting enough to keep you drinking more of it. Our Cipher Key Session Ale cracks that code with hefty additions of Cascade hops, deftly balanced with enough malted rye in the grain bill to create a satisfying mouthfeel and grainy complexity. Don't let the color or the lower alcohol content fool you, this is still a serious beer.


Goodland Orange Pale Ale (Alcohol by volume: 4.5%; O.G.: 11° P / 1.044):

This Extra Pale Ale is bright, crisp, and refreshing. Fermented with whole pureed oranges from the fertile orchards in Goleta, CA, just up the coast from our brewery, Telegraph Goodland Orange Pale Ale exhibits a distinct citrus aroma,
a light body, and a bright Cascade hop finish. This is the essence of California
in a glass.


Reserve Wheat Ale (Alcohol by volume: 5.0%; O.G.: 12° P / 1.048):

This sour "wild ale" recalls the earliest rustic beers crafted centuries ago before brewers had an understanding of controlled fermentation. Brewed with the addition of locally grown lemon verbena herb, as well as lactobacillus and wild brettanomyces yeast, Telegraph Reserve Wheat is an all-together different beast from modern beer. Not for the faint of heart, this special brew is available in extremely limited quantities.

Limited availability.


Rhinoceros (Alcohol by volume: 10.0%; O.G.: 23° P / 1.092):

The rhinoceros may not be the king of the jungle, but he commands respect nonetheless. Powerful and distinctive, Telegraph Rhinoceros pays homage to one of the world's most majestic and endangered creatures. Brewed with a hefty dose of rye malt and balanced by a ridiculous amount of hops, our "rye wine" is truly a unique beast. Be careful... this rhino may seem mellow at first, but is known to charge unexpectedly!

Silver Medal, 2012 Great American Beer Festival, Belgian-Style Strong Specialty Ale

Bronze Medal, 2012 World Beer Cup, Other Belgian-Style Ale

Limited availability.


Gypsy Ale (Alcohol by volume: 8.0%; O.G.: 17° P / 1.067):

Inspired by the exuberance of the Romani Gypsy culture, Telegraph Gypsy Ale celebrates the restless and adventurous spirit in all of us. We brew it with rye, unmalted wheat, and locally grown plums. Then we ferment it with Brettanomyces while listening to traditional Gypsy tunes. It's wild, it's unique, it's delicious. So go ahead, stray from that well-trodden ground you are following, grab a bottle, and dance along a crooked path. Opa!

Rated "A-", Beer Advocate Magazine, Issue #48

Limited availability, released late summer/early fall.


Cerveza de Fiesta (Alcohol by volume: 5%; O.G.: 12.6° P / 1.050):

Nothing is more local than Santa Barbara's Fiesta. And nothing pairs better with Fiesta than a great local beer! Telegraph is proud to brew our Cerveza de Fiesta right here in downtown Santa Barbara, for locals and visitors alike. This classic Czech Pilsner-style lager is crisp, refreshing, and muy delicioso. It is just the beer to pair with great food, old and new friends, and good times. Viva la Fiesta!

Rated "A-", Beer Advocate Magazine, Issue #48

Available only during the summer months.


Ravena Stout (Alcohol by volume: 6.2%; O.G.: 15.8° P / 1.063):

Dark, rich, and smooth, Telegraph Ravena Stout is a hearty beer that unites the deep roasted flavors of a traditional British-style cream stout with a silky mouthfeel imparted by the addition of whole grain oats to the mash. Originally brewed to celebrate the wedding of two lovers of dark, creamy beers, our interpretation of this classic style is bigger and bolder than other examples. Pair our Ravena Stout with smoky barbecued meats, an intense Mexican mole sauce, or dark chocolate desserts and get ready to swoon.

Available only during the autumn months.


Winter Ale (Alcohol by volume: 6.5%; O.G.: 15.8° P / 1.063):

Inspired by Mexican hot chocolate, Telegraph Winter Ale warms even the coldest of nights with its hints of cinnamon, allspice, and sweet ancho chilies. Using generous amounts of chocolate and caramel malts, we brew this beer in limited quantities as a special treat for our friends and families and to celebrate the holidays. Be sure to enjoy it cool, rather than cold, to fully appreciate its complexity.

Available only during the winter months.


Telegraph Obscura

We recently introduced our new line of Telegraph Obscura Beers. These are unique, very limited-availability brews that represent the experimental side of brewing here at Telegraph. Often using wild yeast strains, our Obscura beers challenge the notions drinkers have about what beer really is. With complex, tart, earthy, funky aromas and flavors, these are beers brewed for connoisseurs of the different.


Petit Obscura (Alcohol by volume: 3.7%; O.G.: 9° P / 1.035):

Telegraph Petit Obscura is a small beer brewed from the sour-mash second runnings of a batch of our Rhinoceros Rye Wine. Historically, a small beer was brewed as a way of utilizing the remaining sugars that are otherwise lost when making a big, high-gravity beer. With a crisp, fruity, white-wine-like character, our little obscure one is a light-bodied wild ale with a subtle complexity that transcends its humble origins.

Gold Medal, 2012 World Beer Cup, Experimental Beer

Silver Medal, 2012 Great American Beer Festival, Experimental Beer

Silver Medal, 2011 Great American Beer Festival, Experimental Beer

Limited availability.


Obscura Arborea (Alcohol by volume: 9%; O.G.: 19.5° P / 1.078):

Telegraph Obscura Arborea is an ale brewed in the style of Belgium's Oude Bruin, the famous Flanders Sour Brown Ales. Our wild brown ale has a malty character suggesting dark caramel and dried fruit, and is balanced by a refreshing lactic tartness from the wild yeast used during aging. Cherry-like aromas and a hint of oak round out this sensory experience and make for an extremely satisfying and unique beer. Proost!

Limited availability.


Obscura Fortis (Alcohol by volume: 9%; O.G.: 19.5° P / 1.077):

Telegraph Obscura Fortis is a barrel-aged Belgian strong ale. Full-bodied for an American wild ale, with bold acidity. Toasted oak aromas blend perfectly with the sweet-tart lactobacillus character. Complex fruit flavors dominated by stone fruit.

Limited availability.


Obscura Vulpine (Alcohol by volume: 5.5%; O.G.: 14° P / 1.055):

"Vulpine" means "like a fox". Telegraph Obscura Vulpine is a red ale aged in used Syrah barrels, with a color reminiscent of a fox, hence the name. The aroma is a complex blend of oak and cherry esters. Tart, bright flavors dominate; long finish with lingering oak character.

Limited availability.

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